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Creating a New Purpose-Full Reality

Self-inquiry teacher and conscious leadership consultant Wendy May helps people radically redefine their relationship with purpose

What do you think of when you hear the word “purpose”? If you’re like most people, you might think of the common question we all ask at some point: “What is my life’s purpose?” Next you might wonder, “How do I achieve my purpose?” From there, our brains tend to defer to the established linear paradigm that involves clearly directed goals and a singular focus: “If I do task A and take action B, I will achieve goal C.”

This way of thinking often leaves us feeling like our purpose, and our ability to achieve it, is just another difficult task on our never-ending to-do list. Purpose can start to become more of a burden than a joy — but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Through teaching self-inquiry, purpose coach and conscious leadership consultant Wendy May invites people to redefine purpose for themselves and their lives. In her new book, “Regenerative Purpose,” Wendy helps people navigate this life-changing journey.

Conventional Purpose vs. Regenerative Purpose

Conventional Purpose

* Purpose is an objective.
* Purpose is singular.
* Purpose is definitive.
* Purpose is personal.
* Purpose is formed.

Regenerative Purpose

* Purpose is a practice.
* Purpose is multi-faceted.
* Purpose is dynamic.
* Purpose is relational.
* Purpose is experienced.

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“Purpose becomes oppressive when we treat it as just another thing we need to seek and acquire and accomplish,” says Wendy, “like power, money, or status. When we treat purpose the same way as these old paradigm objects of achievement, we’re basically creating ‘same salad’ with new age dressing.”

“Regenerative Purpose” — The Book

Many are seeking purpose in our increasingly chaotic and fast-moving world, but the objectification of purpose as something to seek has become outdated and ultimately unsatisfying, Wendy asserts.

“The changes and challenges emerging today require us to show up differently for purpose,” she says.

In her new book, “Regenerative Purpose: The Dynamic Nature of the Way We Choose Work,” Wendy May offers a frame-breaking perspective on purpose work as dynamic, interdependent, and regenerative. This new paradigm of purpose invites us into co-creative conversation with the world we live in so we can experience purpose as a force of nature.

“It’s time to stop shaming people — especially ourselves — for not having a purpose,” says Wendy. “There’s no need to feel bad and stressed about not knowing what your purpose is, because it’s happening anyway. You’re just a node in a network, a water droplet in a wave. You can choose to tap into this movement that’s around you at any time — and it’s happening with or without you, so you can relax.”

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PRESS RELEASE 10/13/20 An All-New Way of Thinking About Your Purpose

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