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The Art of Tapping Into Purpose: 4 Self-Inquiry Tips

Break free from the limitations of identity. Connect with your creative source. Expand your capacity for abundance. Recognize and align with your higher purpose.

Cultivate Your Purpose With These 4 Core Qualities

Using meditation and self-inquiry practices, Wendy guides people in cultivating the four core purpose qualities of authenticity, attunement, responsiveness, and receptivity.

Still Trying to Save the World? Do This Instead.

The weight of the world does not fall on your shoulders alone, so stop acting like it! Wendy offers tips and guidance for reframing individual purpose as part of a greater whole so that we can enjoy purpose rather than being burdened by it.

3 Surprising Benefits of PAIN (Personally Activating INformation)

Pain points are a natural part of the way we interact with our purpose in life, but we don’t have to get stuck there. Wendy explains and offers a new way to think about the pain we encounter.

What Does Your Privilege Have to Do with Purpose?

Wendy discusses the taboo subject of privilege and explains the role it plays in purpose.

5 Ways to Stay Relaxed While Engaging with Purpose

There’s no need to feel bad and stressed about not knowing what your purpose is, because it’s happening anyway. You can choose to tap into purpose at any time — and it’s happening with or without you, so you can relax.
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